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   Accounting and Bookkeeping Services  
     AcFins  clients will be closely served by our qualified accounting staffs. All accounting  transactions  will
be reviewed  and checked by  accounting  supervisor.  For tax or  technical  accounting matters , it will be
advised by Executive Advisor. All accounting books will be closed and reviewed on a monthly basis and
the  related  financial  reports  will  be  prepared  and  delivered to  clients as  required  schedule. Monthly
findings will be provided and reported to clients management for further awareness or their improvement.
  Financial Budgeting, Forecasting and Tax Planning
     AcFin  provides  support to our clients  management  for preparing the companys  expected  financial
position , result of its  operations and cash flows.   We  also  assist in the  financial  analysis  and  evaluate  
financial structure and provide some  advices to  minimize  possible  future  tax  exposure and liabilities and
obtain possible future tax benefit , if any, together with  improve our clients  financial  performance.
  Process Risk Management and Internal Control
        All clients will directly deal with AcFins Management who has a strong knowledge and highly experiences for almost 10 years in managing  

risk in business processes of multinational car manufacturing company. With our Management good background in this field , all clients will be

  assisted  to manage risks and  improve  their  effectiveness  and  efficiency of  their  business  processes to have a sound  control  and good     
    Japanese Consulting Services  
        AcFin has a strong Japanese Management who graduated from Tokyo University and has a lot of experiences and knowledge in accounting,  
  tax and Finance of Thailand. With our friendly, closely and professionallysupport, all Japanese clients will not feel worry about their accounting ,  
  tax and financial reporting system. We will provide an assurance that our clients will maintain those systematic records in compliance with law  
  and regulations.      
 Audit Services
     Within AcFin group , AcFin Auditing Office is another related firm who provides statutory audit for our
clients. Clients accounts will be taken care by our CPA Management who has past experiences from Big 4
and  enhance her professional  knowledge in both accounting and auditing  areas for more than 10 years.
Therefore, we strongly believe that our audit services can provide the reliability of our clients information
used by all related stakeholders.